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Help with project: Analog Mini project: Audio Power Amplifier Design
The writing up report of this experiment carries 35% of the overall marks of this module) Your aim is to (a) design and (b) test an audio pre-amplifier circuit. You will be working in groups of 2, and you are asked to submit one report per student. Specification: 1. The pre-amp is required to amplify telephone signals in the frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz. 2. The 'in-band' sensitivity needed is 2V/mV, with a maximum input of 15mV. 3. The 'in-band' input impedance should be well defined at 50kand the output load minimum value is 2k. 4. The power output is to be 20W RMS in to an 8 Ohm speaker and less than 1% THD. 5. Power supply is +Vcc and 0. Tasks School Engineering, Computing & Mathematics Page 18 of 20 1. Design the amplifier and document the design fully with design calculations to confirm that the specification will be met when the circuit is constructed. As with all designs your circuit should be cost effective and use standard parts available in the Lab. 2. Build and test the circuit to determine whether it meets the specification. You may have to use a few additional components in order to test such a high gain circuit with the general-purpose test equipment that is available to you. [2019-11-23]
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