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German, English, Japanese or Math lessons via Skype

I am Russian and speak Russian, English, German and Japanese.
I like foreign languages and also enjoy teaching them. I graduated from a technical university and after 6 years I graduated from a linguistic university. My technical education background enables me to apply various mathematical approaches, to speak and teach foreign languages.
Math has been my favorite subject for many years. I had graduated from a technical university with a very advanced background in applied mathematics. I am ready to help you in all areas of math, especially in solving algebraic equations. Regarding teaching languages...
I make relevant printouts on grammar and words and then send them to students.These printouts are designed to help students concentrate on particular points of grammar and enable them to make their own sentences. The students also read various texts on the internet and summarize them. Absolute beginners start off making very easy sentences. Once they are able to do it, they begin to make the sentences more complicated.
For example:
1. They read.
2. They read books.
3. They read books every day.
4. They read interesting books every day.
5. They read interesting books every day when they come from work.
6. They read interesting books every day when they come from work unless they are tired.
7. They read interesting books every day when they come from work unless they are very tired.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Role: Tutor
Age: 47
Gender: M
Subjects taught: Japanese
Qualifications: Technical University (1995)
Linguistic University ( 2001)
Certification in Teaching Analytical Writing (2004)
Certification in Mastering French Grammar and Vocabulary (2013)
TESOL Certification in Teaching Skills ( 2013)
Certification in Teaching Business English (2014)
Fortbildungsk urs "Deutschunterricht planen" (2014)
Certification in Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Function (2015)
Languages spoken: English, German, Russian, Japanese
Education level: PhD candidate student
Teaching levels: All
Hourly fee (US$) min: 9 max: 15
Fee and payment details: Depends on the subject taught and the level
Time table:
Country: Russian Federation         State/Province:
Zip Code:
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online
Experience: I have 16 years language teaching experience and I also teach technical translation classes.
Nbr. years experience: 16
Current occupation: Online Tutor
Reason for tutoring: Secondary job
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 1 day (2018-12-16 21:37 UTC)