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Tutors-Live is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) and features thousands of tutors and students from more than 200 countries.


Our database of tutors and students can be searched by language, education level, location, price, age, gender and more.


Tutors-Live offers a wide range of academic subjects at all levels – mathematics, literature, foreign languages, biology, physics, and others – as well as arts, crafts, hobbies, and more. Thanks for the free-text search, it is easy to find tutors teaching subjects that are not included in our predefined list.

Lessons and payments

After the initial contact through Tutors-Live, students and tutors communicate with each other by email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. – to make appointments for tutoring sessions, agree on the tutor's fee and how payments will be made. Tutors-Live does not collect payments for lessons nor keep track of them. After the initial contact, all interactions between student and tutor take place outside Tutors-Live.

Free / Premium

Registration is free and Tutors-Live charges no commission for lessons. Once student and tutor are in contact, they can communicate freely via Skype, email or any other means, or meet in person. To send an initial contact message, you will need a Premium subscription (not required for its reception).

How Tutors-Live Works

See also: Getting Started as student, Getting Started as tutor, About us, Subjects, Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of Tutors-Live is to provide an easy and flexible way for students and tutors to connect.

  • A student is anyone who wants to learn more about a particular subject -- for school work, exam preparation, job orientation or self-improvement.
  • A tutor is anyone who knows a particular subject and is ready and willing to transfer his or her knowledge to others. Tutors may teach as their primary job, or as part-time extra work.

Students can search for tutors by subject, language spoken, study level, location of the tutor, price range, and many other criteria. The starting point for students is the Find tutors page.

In the same way, a tutor can contact a student. The starting point for tutors is the Find students page.

The first contact between student and tutor must be made through the Tutors-Live internal messaging system. After that, student and tutor are free to choose their preferred means of communication (email, Skype, WhatsApp, telephone, etc.).

In order to send initial messages by means of the internal messaging system, users must have a Premium subscription.

Tutors-Live does not charge a commission on tutoring sessions. Student and tutor agree independently on price, schedule, mode of teaching (online or in person), mode of payment, and any other details.

Free vs. Premium Subscription

Tutors-Live has three categories of user:

  • Unregistered: a user who visits the site without registering
  • Registered: a user who has registered and created a profile that can be viewed by other users
  • Premium: a registered user who has purchased a Premium subscription and who can initate contacts with other users
The table below summarizes the three types of user and the features they can access:
Search and browse tutors and students
Be found by other users
Respond to contacts from other users
Contact other users (max 10 per day)
Priority in the "Find tutors" and "Find students" search results

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