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Subject: English
Level: High school
Language: English
Mode: Tutor's home
Fee max 35 US$/h
Language: English
Total hours: 40
Exp. years required: 2
Time table: 9-13 dal lunedì al venerdì

Docente di inglese per Brescia
sono alla ricerca di un docente di inglese per Brescia, per un gruppo di studenti disoccupati [2024-07-17]
Subject: Programming Languages in General
Level: College/Unive...
Language: English
Mode: Online, Telephone, Tutor's home
Fee max 20 US$/h
Language: English
Total hours: 20
Exp. years required: 5
Time table: This is a work project but not rushed. A pretty long time table

Help in writing a Windows database app for a very small DB
Looking for help in writing a small database app with a user front end dashboard. I currently have data on ten vehicles. Each vehicle has about ten fields. One of the fields is an image. Currently, I have all of the data in Excel, each field is in a cell. I need to write some kind of a front end. I need to write a complete application for a Windows PC app that I can hand off to a user, complete with the DB like, as a .zip file. I don't know what the best tools to use (Angular? VBA?) [2020-05-06]
Subject: Mathematics in General
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Mode: Online
Fee max 0 US$/h
Language: English
Total hours: 7
Exp. years required: 3

I need help with my homework.
I just need someone to simply tell me how to do the work. [2024-03-22]
Subject: Anatomy & Physiology
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Mode: Online

Medical Opinion - Questions
I have a medical issue which I would like to discuss with someone online, the person does not need to be a medical professional but it would help. [2022-12-29]
4 found