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Increase your probability to be found by students

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If you are a tutor, there are a number of things you can do in order to increase the probability of being contacted by students potentially interested in your teaching:

At the moment of registration
  • Write a detailed and comprehensive profile description, with important facts about your curriculum vitae, including your qualifications and experience, so that students can have a clear idea about who you are and your competences.
  • Make sure your fee (expressed in US dollars) is competitive.
  • Offer your first lesson for free in order to establish trust and encourage students to try your services.
  • If you have a web site or a page in a social network, include the relevant link in your TL profile.
  • If you have a video presentation in YouTube, include the relevant link in your TL profile.

After your email address has been confirmed
  • Include a picture in your profile, with your face clearly visible (landscapes and objects are not allowed). Note that only users with a valid picture are shown in the facewall view of the 'find tutors' page.
  • Include a short vocal presentation (mp3 file) or a link to a video presentation in your profile. This is very important to demonstrate that you have a good pronunciation especially if the language you will be using in teaching is not your native one (see Audio and video presentations).
  • Share your personal profile page in social networks and other quality websites.

From time to time, browse the find students and find tutoring requests pages and see if there are students matching your offering. In that case you may contact them.

Note that Tutors-Live is not yet widely known by students. So please be patient, as new students are registering every day. And, in our common interest, advertise your profile and Tutors-Live wherever possible in order to attract students.

You should also be aware of the fact that if no students are contacting you, this may depend on the quality and competitiveness of your profile, which may not be appealing enough.

In conclusion: make sure you have a comprehensive and competitive profile, and use social networks to advertise yourself and Tutors-Live..

See also: How Tutors-Live Works, Getting Started, Frequently Asked Questions

We need your support to keep serving you

The services offered by Tutors-Live are free of charge, but running a website and advertising are costly.

If you have found students or tutors thanks to our site, we would appreciate a donation to help us continue our services.

Donors who contribute with at least $10 will be considered as 'premium' users and will have, for one year:
  • priority in the 'find tutors' and 'find students' pages when sorted by 'premium';
  • the capability to show the links of their websites and the Skype name;
  • the capabiliy to contact more than one user per day (max 20).

Thanks for supporting Tutors-Live!