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Our partner Talkini offers a professional and secure browser-based video conferencing environment which allows tutors to have video sessions with their students.

Once the tutor connects with a student on Tutors-Live, they can use Talkini to easily schedule video sessions and be paid automatically. Talkini is an ideal solution for online tutors as it doesn't require any installations and works directly in the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Here is how Talkini works:

  1. The Tutor propose the time/date/duration and costs of the session and send these details to the student via Talkini
  2. The student receive a summary of the proposed session in a simple email sent by Talkini. If accepted, the online credit card payment form will let the student pay the proposed fee to the Tutor in a secure, risk-free transaction.
  3. After the payment is complete, tutor and student join the session at the scheduled time and can use the many features offered by Talkini: audio/video communication, chat, file sharing, screen sharing, etc.

Tutor and student agree on whether the first lesson should be free or paid.

Scheduled sessions end at the exact time agreed, avoiding the awkward situation of having to end them by a free decision.

As a tutor registered with Tutors-Live, you get a significant discount on Talkini pricing. To this end, you must signup to Talkini thorugh this page: Talkini for Tutors-Live users.

In short:

Our tutors are granted a special discount for the use of Talkini. Students pay the lessons using their credit card and Tutors receive the money on their personal bank accounts. The sessions are scheduled, delivered and paid by using a simple process which prevents errors in scheduling the appointments. Tutors and students agree on whether the first lesson should be free or paid. In order to sign up with Talkini with the special discount reserved to Tutors-Live tutors, please use the page Talkini for Tutors-Live users.