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About us

The Meeting Point for Learners and Teachers

Tutors-Live connects students with teachers for 1-on-1 lessons online and in person, in any subject, language and country. With Tutors-Live you can:
  • Find tutors for private lessons
  • Offer your teaching and find students worldwide
  • Meet people with similar interests


The Internet is changing the way people learn and teach. Thanks to faster connections and interactive text, voice and screen-sharing services, online learning has become an effective and affordable option for many learners.

Online learning can take many forms (reading articles, watching instructional videos, reading electronic books etc.) but nothing is easier, faster and more productive than a one-on-one session between student and tutor.

Efficient and inexpensive, online ("live") tutoring is already used by thousands of students worldwide and is expected to become more and more popular in the next years. One reason for the success of Online Tutoring is the possibility for a student to find the best suited tutor without the physical and geographical limitations of conventional tutoring.

At the same time, direct tutoring (i.e. in-home or in-office) is still preferred by many, and is irreplaceable for sports, music, various hobbies etc.

A website that matches learners and teachers for both online and direct tutoring worldwide is the best solution to find the most adequate tutor for the learning needs of everybody.


Tutors-Live's mission is to provide the best solution to match the demand and offer of online "live" tutoring as well as conventional in-home or in-office tutoring, making the task of finding the right teacher for private lessons an easy and productive experience.

At the same time, Tutors-Live aims to realize a global network of learners exchanging knowledge, ideas and educational resources.


Free / Premium: Registration is free and Tutors-Live charges no commission for lessons. Once student and tutor are in contact, they can communicate freely via Skype, email or any other means, or meet in person. To send an initial contact message, you will need a Premium subscription (not required for its reception).

Global: Tutors-Live is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) and features thousands of tutors and students from more than 200 countries.

Easy: Our database of tutors and students can be searched by language, education level, location, price, age, gender and more.

Comprehensive: Tutors-Live offers a wide range of academic subjects at all levels – mathematics, literature, foreign languages, biology, physics, and others – as well as arts, crafts, hobbies, and more. Thanks for the free-text search, it is easy to find tutors teaching subjects that are not included in our predefined list.

Lessons and payments: After the initial contact through Tutors-Live, students and tutors communicate with each other by email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. – to make appointments for tutoring sessions, agree on the tutor's fee and how payments will be made. Tutors-Live does not collect payments for lessons nor keep track of them. After the initial contact, all interactions between student and tutor take place outside Tutors-Live. Anyway, we recommend the usage of Talkini, a web-based platform which supports the full cycle of interactions between student and tutor (scheduling of lessons, video conference with automated payments via credit card).

Who can benefit from Tutors-Live

Students: to catch up on a particular subject, obtain help with home assignments, learn a particular skill from tutors or other students who have a specific knowledge or experience of it and an adequate teaching style, or to get in touch with other people with similar interests.

Professionals: to learn new topics when there is not enough time or money to attend a conventional training course, with the possibility of getting a custom educational program focused on one's individual needs.

Teachers: both teachers and experts can post their profiles and thus be found by students; alternatively, they can look for tutoring requests inserted by students.

Tutoring companies: Tutoring companies can register their own teachers in Tutors-Live for a greater exposure to potential customers.

Everyone: to learn from an expert all the secrets of that particular topic that one has always been interested in but never had the possibility to pursue.

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