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How Tutors-Live Works

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Basic concepts
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Basic concepts

The goal of Tutors-Live is to provide an easy and flexible way to connect students and tutors, where

  • A student is anyone who wants to learn about a particular subject for any reasons such as homework, exam preparation, know-how acquisition, job orientation, self-improvement etc.
  • A tutor is anyone who knows about a particular subject and is willing to transfer his/her knowledge to other people for any reasons such as primary or secondary job, helping others, socializing etc.

Students can find tutors using various search criteria, from basic to advanced: the most important being usually the subject in which they are interested; other criteria can include the language to be spoken during the tutoring sessions, study level, geographic information like country, city, postal code, maximim cost of the lessons and several more. The starting point for students is the Find tutors page.

Contacts between students and tutors (whose identities and email addresses are hidden) are possible through either the Tutors-Live internal messaging system or the external email. In order to send initial messages by means of the internal messaging system, users must have a Premium subscription. See Premium subscription.

Tutors-Live does not take any commission and doesn't keep track of lessons; the student and teacher are free to decide the schedule, tutoring mode (online or in-home), payment mode and any other details about the lessons.