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Subject: Joomla
Level: High school
Language: English
Mode: Online
Fee max 14 US$/h
Language: English
Time table: Basically 7 days a week and could accommodate your availability

Need help getting a better grasp of Joomla & Ganrty 5 ASAP, it would mean a lot!
Although I have a good general understanding of Joomla/Gantry I still need help. I'm looking for someone that would be willing to help by tutoring me as I develop a Joomla site using a Rockettheme template. I'm hoping we could do this using TeamViewer as the mechanism in which to work together on the site. I already have a general basic knowledge of both Joomla and Gantry 5 but am feeling I need more guidance to save a lot of time with all the trial and error putting it together in practice. I really appreciate your consideration of this seemingly unusual request project wise. Thanks in advance! [2018-04-22]
1 found