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Subject: English
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Mode: Online
Fee max 30 US$/h
Language: English
Total hours: 10
Exp. years required: 2
Time table: Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, Central European Time.

Support in English and French
I attend the 9th class of a grammar school in Germany. I have difficulties in English and French, both grammar and free writing. I hope that I will improve my skills if I practice half an hour of English and half an hour of French online per week. [2021-11-04]
Subject: English
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Mode: Online, Email, Telephone
Fee max 2 US$/h
Language: English
Total hours: 50
Time table: My time zone: UTC/GMT+3

Academic English Tutor Required
I am looking for an English tutor for expanding my vocabulary and to improve my writing and speaking skills. [2018-01-11]
Subject: English
Level: Elementary
Language: English
Mode: Online

Looking for an English language tutor
Hi. This is Enjuan from Beijing China,i am looking for an experienced English for young kids,Please contact me if you are interested. Brs. [2021-01-04]
3 found