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Comparison of Tutoring Websites

A survey to help you choose the tutoring site that best fits your needs (as student or teacher)

By Tutoring Site or Tutoring Website we mean a website that facilitates the connection between students and teachers for private, one-on-one lessons either online or in person. There are hundreds of tutoring sites, and new ones are created every year, so it may be difficult for a student or teacher to choose the one that best fits one's needs.

This article is a survey where many tutoring sites in English and other languages are analysed and compared on various distinguishing features; the resulting grids provide essential facts to orient students who are looking for tutors, and teacher who are looking for students or employers and allow them to take informed decisions.

The most important distinguishing features of tutoring sites are described in the following table.

FeaturePossible types
Location of tutoring sessions
  • Online only
  • In person only
  • Online and in person
Tutor directory and possibility to choose a tutor directly
  • Students can choose tutors from a public directory using selection criteria
  • No tutor directory is available, tutors are chosen by the site's staff or automatically
Relationship between tutors and company who owns the web site
  • Tutors are employees or affiliates of the site's company, who verifies and guarantees their qualifications
  • Tutors are independent of the site's company and may also run (and advertise) their own business
Tutoring requests
  • Students can post tutoring requests to the public (anonymously) and be contacted by interested tutors
  • Students cannot post tutoring requests to the public
The above features are evaluated in the relevant columns of the grids shown below.

LEGEND: onl = online; eml= email only; inh = in person; req = students can post tutoring requests; dep = tutor dependency on site's company (dep = dependent or affiliate, ind = independent); dir = student can browse tutor directory and choose preferred tutor; na = not applicable; un = unspecified; blended subjects = academic + non academic subjects; by tutor = free registration, lesson price according to specific tutor tariff
Date of last survery: 2011-08-01 (some data may be obsolete)

INDEX: Multilingual sites | Sites in English | Sites in Spanish | Sites in French | Sites in German | Sites in Italian

Multilingual tutoring sites back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Liveonlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email10,200+allblended
Preplyonlinhdirreqindby tutor18 to 33%20,000+allblended

Tutoring sites in English back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Live.comonlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email8,400+allblended
WyzAnt-inhdirreqindby tutor20-40% commission37,000+USAblended
BuddySchoolonl-dir-indby tutorfree; premium on privileged positions19,700+nablended
Preplyonlinhdirreqindby tutor18 to 33%20,000+allblended
Tutora-inhdir-indby tutor15-25%3500+UKacademic & language
TutorVistaonl---depk-12: 50-100$/mo; college: 10-20$/hna2,000+naacademic
Tutor.comonl---dep35$/mo (up to 1 hour); 100$/mo (up to 3 hours)na2,000+naacademic
siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Ezymath Tutoring-inh-reqdepby tutorun1,500+Australiablended
Select my tutoronlinhdirreqindby tutor10% to 20%1,200+UKblended
TutorsFieldonlinhdirreqindby tutorfree, premium listing1,100Australiablended
Tutoring for Excellence-inh-reqdepby tutorvariable % of tutoring fee1,000+Australiablended
TTW - The Tutor Website-inhdirreqindby tutorOne-time £35 registration fee, no ongoing commissions1,000+UKacademic & language
siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
eTutorWorld.comonl---un$15 to $20 per hour, depending on grade and number of hours purchasedna100+USAacademic
Myngleonl-dir-indby tutor18% commission on lesson fees218na45 languages
Tutorhubonl-dirreqindby tutor25% commission186UKblended
Learning Periodonlinh--depunna27USAacademic
Transwebtutorsonl--reqdep50$/week to 150$/mo for unlimited instant help; 14-24-36$/h for scheduled lessonsna23naacademic
Tutor Nationonlinhdirreqindby tutorindiv.tutors:75-95$/y; companies:195$/yunUSA, Canadablended
siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
TutorMatchonlinhdir-indby tutorfree; 30$/y for for privileged positionunUSAblended
Transtutorseml--reqdep3-9-15-50-150$ per question (via email); 22-24$/h sched. tutoring; 100$/mo instant tutoringnaunnaacademic
Clubz-inhdir-depunnaunUSA, Canadaacademic
TutorHunt-inhdir-indby tutorfreeunUKblended
TutorFinderonlinhdirreqindby tutorfree, premium for featured statusunAustraliablended tests
siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Growing Starsonl---dep120$ / 8 sessionsununnaacademic
SchoolOfEverything-inhdir-indby tutorfreeunUKnon academic
MyPrivateTutoronlinhdirreqindby tutor; registr. free (few tutors visible), premium 300 Rs for 1 mo., 850 Rs for 5 mo.ununIndiablended tutor; registr. 15 GBP for 1 mo., 75 GBP for 6 mo.15 GBP for 1mo, 60 GBP for 6 mo.unUKblended
TheTutorsDirectoryonlinhdirreqindby tutorfreeunUKblended
TutorMagnet-inh--depby tutorcommission (un)unUKblended
siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
FirstTutors UK-inhdir-indby tutor5-20£ / contactunUKblended
A-One Tuitionsonlinh--depunununallacademic

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Tutoring sites in Spanish back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Live.esonlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email1,950+allblended
Tus clases particularesuninhdirreqindby tutorfree50,000+Spain, Argentina, Chileblended
Miprofeparticular.esonlinhdirreqindby tutorfree10,000+Spain, Mexico, Italyblended
Sharing Academyonlinhdirreqindby tutorfree350+Spain, Colombiaacademic
Profesor-Particularuninhdirreqindby tutorfreeunHispanic countriesblended

Tutoring sites in French back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Live.fronlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email1,400+allblended
Kelprofuninhdirreqindby tutorfree50,000+France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebecblended
Edulide.fronlinhdirreqindby tutorfree240+Franceblended
Acadomia Onlineonl--reqdep30-33€/hnaunFranceacademic
ProfesseurParticulier.comonlinhdirreqindby tutor40 € for 50 contacts; 1.8 € for 2 contacts unFranceblended

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Tutoring sites in German back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Live.deonlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email350+allblended
Tutoriaonlinhdir-indby tutorcommission on lesson fees14,000+Germanyacademic
Online-Nachhilfeonl---depby tutorfree13Germanyacademic
Fit for school Lernstudios-inh--dep20-30€/hununGermany (some cities)academic
Tutorspace.denoinhdir-indby tutorfreeunGermanyblended

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Tutoring sites in Italian back to index

siteonlinhdirreqdepstudent feetutor fee/commissionstutorscountriessubjects
Tutors-Live.itonlinhdirreqindby tutorbasic service free, premium for outgoing internal email1850+allblended tutorfreeunItalyblended
MyProfOnLineonl-dir-indby tutor20% commissionunItalyacademic

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Tutors-Live Features
    • TL covers both online and in person tutoring (a tutor can offer online, in person or both types of service). Many tutoring websites provide only one mode.
    • TL is the only site which offers in person tutoring in all countries worldwide (the combination of country + postal code can be used as selection parameter).
    • TL allows students to post tutoring requests for particular needs and gives them the possibility to be contacted by independent tutors. In most tutoring sites only the student or the site's staff can take the contact initiative.
    • TL is the only site where a user can register as both tutor and student.
    • TL is the only site where both students and tutors can post their profile and contact each other as in a social network.
    • TL is the only multilingual site as regards the languages used for tutoring (all the languages of the world) and the site user-interface (5 languages).
    • The basic services of TL are free for students and tutors. No commissions are taken from the tutoring fees. All registered users can contact up to 2 users per day. Premium users can contact up to 10 users per day and have priority in search results. (see Becoming a Premium User)
    • TL has the richest set of selection criteria for finding tutors and tutoring requests.
    • TL is the only tutoring website where students can be listed (if they want) and found by tutors or by other students.
    • TL is the only site that allows students to get in touch with other students. This can be useful to form study groups.
    • TL allows students browsing for tutors or other students. Most tutoring sites don't.
    • TL allows students to rate their tutors and post related comments. Most tutoring websites do not offer this service.
    • TL covers academic as well as non-academic subjects. Most tutoring websites cover only academic subjects.