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Online Tutor for Math, Physics and Astronomy. All levels.

Hi there!

My name is Bogdan, I am from Romania and I am passionate about science and science communication. I organize public events in which I, together with my teams, aim to show how fun, beautiful and important science is. And that everyone can do it!

I also do tutoring on the side because I found I am never happier than when I hear a student say "oooooh, NOW I understand" after I explained something to them. That's one of the sweetest things in life!

I teach Math and Physics - all levels. And I absolutely love it!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Role: Tutor
Age: 31
Gender: M
Subjects taught: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics
Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Physics, a Master's Degree in Astronomy.
I am a science communicator and teacher.
Languages spoken: English
Education level: Master
Teaching levels: All
Hourly fee (US$) min: 20 max: 30
Fee and payment details: Bank transfers are the quick and painless way to go. Also, I think everyone should be satisfied with what they get out of their investments, so if you decide you didn't like a session with me for any
Time table: I have a flexible schedule, so as long as you give me a relatively good notice in advance, we will find you a spot.
Country: Romania         State/Province:
Zip Code:
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online
Experience: I have been a tutor for Math and Physics for 4 years and a science communicator for almost a decade. And I will probably do it for as long as I am physically able to. :D
Nbr. years experience: 4
Current occupation: Other
Reason for tutoring: Secondary job
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 1 year (2020-07-06 09:00 UTC)