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I am a 29 year old Sworn Translator of English and Spanish. I have 10+ years as an English Professor at numerous schools. I have taught subjects such as: Grammar, Literature, Writing, Science and History. Teaching is and has always been my passion.
My methodology is to approach the student in a friendly way. I believe that when you make a connection with them, they tend to relax and to enjoy the experience of learning English.
I used to work at a school were students absolutely despised the language. When I asked them why, they told me that they did not understand it and that no teacher has ever bothered to make them do so, hence, I have made it my personal goal to provide support and reassurance to my students, so as to make the experience fun and entertaining. By the end of the year, 90% of them got “A” grades and even decided to sit for the international examinations. I created a special bond with them that neither of us will ever forget, but what is more important is that they ended up loving English.
Overall, that is the most important objective, at least for me. It has proved to have worked throughout the 10+ years that I have been teaching English.
Feel free to contact me at any time, with any doubt of your concern!
Have a lovely day
Role: Tutor
Age: 30
Gender: F
Subjects taught: English, Spanish, Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry, Self-improvement, Personal Development, Primary School Subjects, Public Speaking
Qualifications: Sworn Translator of English<>Spanish - Universidad del Salvador
English Professor - Universidad del Salvador
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French
Education level: Bachelor
Teaching levels: Elementary, Intermediate, High school
Hourly fee (US$) min: 10 max: 30
Fee and payment details: My fees can vary according to subjects and hours (a discount can always be discussed regarding the ammount of hours). I accept only Pay Pal payments
Time table: Currently available at all times from Monday to Sunday, New Zealand Time STARTING 08/03/2021
Country: New Zealand         State/Province: Auckland
Zip Code: 1081
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online, Email
Nbr. years experience: 10
Current occupation: Professional
Reason for tutoring: Helping people
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 7 months (2021-10-26 04:32 UTC)