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I can help my students deeper understand subjects I teach, get to the very core

My first experience as a tutor was in 2012, since then I helped more than 200 students from all over the world (mostly Russia) to achieve their goals such as passing exams or just better and deeper understanding subjects I teach.
Role: Tutor
Age: 30
Gender: M
Voice presentation:
Subjects taught: Other Engineering, Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential equations, Other mathematical subjects, Physics, Other Physics Subjects, Russian
Qualifications: I graduated from Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" D.F. Ustinov, which is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I have Bachelor’s Degree in Spacecrafts, also studied 3 years in Ulyanovsk State Technical University in Civil Engineering Department.
Languages spoken: English, Russian
Education level: Bachelor
Teaching levels: All
Hourly fee (US$) min: 18 max: 36
Fee and payment details: The more lessons you take - the more discount you get, it is easy. First 5 lessons cost 18$/hour each.
Time table: I am able to work every day from 08:00 to 22:00 Moscow time zone, to be more specific I can send you my schedule file
Country: Russian Federation         State/Province: Ulyanovskaya oblast
Zip Code: 432017
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online, Email, Phone
Experience: Started working as a tutor in 2012
Nbr. years experience: 9
Current occupation: Online Tutor
Reason for tutoring: Helping people
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 11 months (2021-07-12 03:09 UTC)