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Final year med-student, a neurosurgeon to-be invites you for a lesson!

As mentioned, I am a final (6th) year med student from Poland. I have also learned at the univesity hospitals in London and Houston, spent there around 6 month alltogether (at the department of neurosurgery).
I am eager to help you with any subject of medicine, especially (but not only)neuroanatomy, radiology, cardiology, physiology, neurology.
I am also exercising regularly and learning myself in the subject of weightlifting and diet for over years. I am sure I can help in this subject as well.
Role: Tutor
Age: 26
Gender: M
Subjects taught: Medicine & Health, Pharmacology, Personal Training, Dietetics, Anatomy & Physiology, Body, Polish, Self-improvement
Qualifications: I have finished 5 years of medical school.
I have won a medical knowledge competition for all students at my university (around 200 people), during 3rd year of studies.
I have given many lectures with the neurosurgery student's scientific circle.
I have done extracurricular practice at The Houston Methodist Hospital, USA,
The King's College Hospital, London, and The St Georges Hostpial, London; spent there around 6 months alltogether, have done presentations (teaching)and learned a lot as well.
I am a chemistry tutor for 3 years at my home city.
Languages spoken: English, Polish
Education level: Undergraduate student
Teaching levels: Intermediate, High school, College/University
Hourly fee (US$) min: 20 max: 20
Fee and payment details: Always the same fee for 1 hour.
Time table: Six to ten o'clock (both in the evening) during weekdays, six in the morning to ten in the evening during weekends
Country: Poland         State/Province: pomerania
Zip Code: 80-834
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online, Email
Experience: Chemistry tutor - 3 years.
Teached and gave lectures in the field of neurosurgery, neuroanatomy.
Nbr. years experience: 3
Current occupation: Student
Reason for tutoring: Secondary job
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 1 year (2019-04-28 12:43 UTC)