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My son isn't doing well in Math, and needs some help with a tutor

My son isn't doing well in Math, and needs some help with a tutor to build confidence in him.
He is in grade 8th,I've arranged with my caregiver that my Son is coming to stay with her for his period of tutoring and she has agreed with me..
We would like 8 session in a month evening session or Afternoon session 1 hour per day at our home if possible or online, what is your area of residence,total cost of tutoring for 1 months (1 hour per day 2 times/week),your years of teaching experience.
What is your background and experience in this field?
What is your policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?
Can you tell me a little bit about your teaching philosophy?
What kind of results can I expect to see..
Please ring me to discuss Thanks!
Expecting your prompt response..
Role: Student
Age: 22
Gender: F
Subjects studied: Algebra
Languages spoken: English
Education level: Middle school / junior High
OK to be contacted: Yes
Country: United States         State/Province: Washington
Zip Code: 98002
Max distance: 20 Miles
Tutoring mode: Online, T-home
Time since last visit: 9 months (2021-01-28 22:34 UTC)